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Security In Five Podcast

Feb 28, 2023

LastPass announced they have suffered another breach. This time the hackers went after a single individual and their personal computer(s). This episode breaks it down and talk about the danger of allowing personal devices for corporate work. 

Be aware, be safe.

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Feb 27, 2023

Mozilla released a report analyzing the top applications in the Google App Store and looking at the Data Privacy Labels. This episode talks about what they found and what this means for consumers. 

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Be aware, be safe.

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Feb 24, 2023

Dole Foods announced a ransomware attack has impacted their North America production and distributions. This episode talks about how ransomware can take down such a broad operation and things you can think about to prevent it if you get hit. 

Be aware, be safe.

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Feb 23, 2023

Application development in today's world is just as much about using open-source components as writing all your own code. This episode talks about findings from a recent study conducted by Synopsy and why you should take a close look at your open source management processes.

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Feb 21, 2023

Multi-factor authentication is a vital feature every user should have enabled everywhere they can. Twitter has made an announcement that they will be ending SMS text messaging options for free users and force users to more secure MFA options. This episode talks about the details and how this might make users less...